2024 January
  • Start of a new job at the University of California: Irvine in the Intelligent Dynamics Lab headed by Prof. Roy Fox. Really excited about this new adventure! 🇺🇸
  • Delight to share that our new paper “Enumerating Safe Regions in Deep Neural Networks with Provable Probabilistic Guarantees” has been accepted at AAAI 2024 ✈️.
2023 July
  • Our paper “Formal Explainability of DNN-Based Reactive Systems” has been accepted at FMCAD 2023 😍.
  • Our paper “Constrained Reinforcement Learning and Formal Verification for Safe Colonoscopy Navigation” has been accepted at IROS 2023 🤖.
May April
  • Our paper “The #DNN-Verification Problem: Counting Unsafe Inputs for Deep Neural Networks” has been accepted at IJCAI 2023 (15% acceptance rate) 🤩.
  • Our paper “Verifying Learning-Based Robotic Navigation Systems” in collaboration with The Katz Lab has been accepted at ETAPS TACAS 2023 🚀.
2022 September
  • As a result of the research visit at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, we submitted the papers “Verifying Learning-Based Robotic Navigation Systems” and “Constrained Reinforcement Learning for Robotics via Scenario-Based Programming” at two international conferences.
February January
  • Our paper “Exploring Safer Behaviors for Deep Reinforcement Learning” has been accepted at AAAI 2022 (15% acceptance rate) 🤩.
2021 June
  • Our two papers “Benchmarking Safe Deep Reinforcement Learning in Aquatic Navigation” and “Safe Reinforcement Learning using Formal Verification for Tissue Retraction in Autonomous Robotic-Assisted Surgery” have been accepted at IROS 2021 🤖.
  • Proud to share that my first main author paper “Formal Verification of Neural Networks for Safety-Critical Tasks in Deep Reinforcement Learning” has been accepted at UAI 2021 😍.
  • Our paper “Genetic Soft Updates for Policy Evolution in Deep Reinforcement Learning” has been accepted at ICLR 2021.